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Seeing The Good: Day 3

Someone who I dearly admire and has such a great influence in my life recently said to me that if they were going through a similar situation as mine at my age, they would have given up.

I’d be lying if I said the thought of giving up never crossed my mine. Not in the I-would-take-my-life sense, but just accepting that this is it, nothing is ever going to improve. If I did believe that, I wouldn’t be writing this post, I wouldn’t have started this blog, I wouldn’t be trying to be your voice. I do know things will get better, even when it doesn’t feel like they will, at times. But you have to hang on to something in this life. Anything. A strangers smile. Catching a sunset. Something that makes you feel worth it, something that gives you the courage to conquer the next day and the next day after that.

And you don’t need someones promise, someones word to make you feel worth it in this world. YOU need to know that you’re worth it–because you are. No matter how helpless you feel, no matter how empty, broken, and lost you feel, you’re worth it. You’re worth the fight that you’re fighting every single day.

You’re stronger than you know.

And I guess I am, too.

Healing thoughts and prayers to all-



Seeing The Good: Day 1

As I mentioned in my last post, for the next month, each day I will be posting something positive, no matter how bad of a day it is. No excuses. Period.

Eating dinner as a family has always been important to me. I remember writing a paper on it back in middle school, even. Since I’ve been sick, sometimes I’ll eat before the rest of the family or I don’t eat at all. When I do sit down with them, I don’t usually eat the same meal. Tonight they made meatloaf, which has milk and breadcrumbs in it and my mom put aside some hamburger meat so I could make my own mini loaf–gluten and dairy free. Here are the results!

Homemade GF Breadcrumbs
This was my first time making GF breadcrumbs. I looked up a couple of recipes online to get an idea of seasonings and how long to bake it for, but it really was quite simple to do. I defrosted a few slices of gluten-free bread and then broke apart hunks to put in the food processor. Then I placed the crumbs in a bowl to mix with some seasoning. I don’t measure ingredients most of the time (I guess that’s an Italian thing…), but the amount of seasoning really should be up to you. I just sprinkled some oregano and basil in the crumbs and tossed it all together with some olive oil. Then, spread the crumbs out on a baking sheet and bake until golden brown, which was around 10-15 minutes at 350 degrees. After they cooled for a bit, you then mix it with the hamburger meat and soy milk, until it becomes a moldable consistency, not dry or that breaks apart. Then, place in a casserole dish.
And, there you have it. Cooking times vary depending on how thick/how much meat you’re using, but after cooking the meat for some time, you then add tomato sauce over the top, sprinkle with parsley, and let it cook a little longer. Of course you can subsitute a different meat or opt for a meatless version, as well as using a different wet ingredient.
So, tonight I sat down with my family and enjoyed the same meal–with just a couple of tweaks. And it was worth it. It always is.
Healing thoughts and prayers to all-