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I’m still me.

I’m still my father’s little girl, my mother’s best friend and my brother’s sister. I’m still your cousin, your niece and your granddaughter. I’m still the friend that will make you laugh and the friend that will always be there. I’m still the girl you can talk to about anything, the girl who will cry with you and tell you it’s going to be alright. I’m still the friend you can call up out of the blue and pick up right where we left off. I’m still the girl who will stick up for you, remind you of your strengths and tell you how much you matter. I’m still the friend that will always try and make everything okay, the friend that will gladly go out of their way for you and who will always try to make you smile. I’m still the friend who will always care about you, the friend you did everything with and the friend you considered a sister.


I’m still her.


I’m still me.


I’m the girl that hasn’t given up, the girl that battles Lyme Disease every single day and the girl who won’t go down without a fight. I’m the friend that is mostly confined to her bed, the friend who can’t help how she feels and the friend that doesn’t mean to keep losing touch. I’m the girl who just wants someone to love her through the good days and the bad days, the girl who is tired of being defined by others because of her illness and the girl who just wants to feel better again.


I may be her, but I’m still me.



Healing thoughts and prayers to all,


Seeing The Good: Day 25

It’s the little things that mean the most…

 Like baking with the ones you care so much about.

Healing thoughts and prayers to all-


**Will post today’s Seeing The Good later. Apologies..

Seeing The Good: Day 17 & 18

Some days, there’s no escaping the pain. The dreaded ache and hurt, pulsating throughout your body, head to toe. On days like this, the only emotion you’re able to express is fear. You’re scared, you feel the pain will never end, and you’re just completely overcome by tears.

Relief will come, relief will come.

It’s hard to explain our pain to others. Not only is it difficult to describe, but that’s just it; it’s indescribable. Remember to be eternally grateful for those around you that continue to remain by your side, even if there’s no communication involved, just tears. “Tears are words the heart can’t express.”

When you find yourself thinking of dear ones no longer apart of your life or the ones that have joined the heavens above, take a moment to relish in those precious memories, then pick your chin up, and continue on. For there is a reason the ones no longer apart of your life are gone and have gone their separate ways. Trying to figure out that reason is always the most painful and therefore, you should just let it go, let it be. And the dear ones that have already walked the staircase to the glorious heavens above, they are always, always with you. Never forget that.

On that note, I’d like to take the time to remember the beloved Whitney Houston. Her death is yet another painful reminder that life is so very short and time is precious. My heart goes out to her family and loved ones. Sending them all much strength and love. Whitney, you will never be forgotten.

Tomorrow is never promised. Always say I love you.

Healing thoughts and prayers to all-


Seeing The Good: Day 5

Sometimes our thoughts get the best of us. They become these heavy, heavy weights, always weighing us down like an anchor that makes us feel as if we’ll never see the shore again.

Remarks from loved ones in the past come out of hiding, only adding to the weight along with painful memories. What could have been, should have been. Remembering when you were well, when you didn’t spend all your time borrowing in your room, away from the word. All these thoughts leave us feeling helpless and buried alive.

When there is no hand to reach for, look to your own. When there is no one there to tell you it will be alright, whisper it to yourself. When you find yourself in tears, “Cry as hard as you want to. But just make sure that when you stop crying, you never cry for the same reason again.”

We carry a lot. And we need to remember to give ourselves credit, for all that we do, all that we face and haunts us on a daily basis.

One day at a time, one day at a time.

Healing thoughts and prayers to all-